Paul Anthony

To the top of Mexico
An Unfiltered Field Report
17 April - 19 May 1976

Go back in time to 1976 and relive mountaineer Paul Anthony's hitchhiking adventures as he summits Mexico's highest peaks.Get the unedited, typewritten journal from 1976 sent straight to your email inbox for free!

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His Mother's Son: Memoirs of an Accidental Man

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About Paul Anthony

Paul Anthony is the author of the new book His Mother’s Son: Memoirs
of an Accidental Man. His enduring passions for nature, art, and
psychology were united as he poured the first sixty years of his life into
this, his premier published work.
Paul’s fascination with the natural world has taken him to Canada, East
Africa, Latin America, and around the western United States as a
backpacker, mountaineer, and explorer of archeological sites. At home
he also embraced the adventure of self-discovery with his studies of
psychology, literature, music, and poetry. In all of these activities, he
sought to plumb the depths of his psyche. This pursuit is a thread woven
throughout the decades, from a conflicted childhood to a hard-won
resolution many years later.
After living for seventeen years on a wooded property on Camano
Island, Washington, Paul has made his home since 2018 in Cuenca,
Ecuador. There he spends his time writing, investigating his new
surroundings, and learning Spanish.

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